Go Green with Gurtz

At Gurtz Electric Co.’s Arlington Heights office building, we have implemented several facility and behavioral changes that are in-line with our Go Green initiative. Facility changes were substantially completed in October 2009 and Gurtz has recognized a more than 25% reduction in monthly energy consumption of electricity (kWh) and gas (Therms) with a resulting cost decrease of more than 30%. Changes made include:

  1. Installed a new white (reflective) thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roof with increased insulation.
  2. Approximately 12 inches of fiberglass insulation was blown into the perimeter wall cavity to improve thermal resistance.
  3. Replaced two inefficient, oversized rooftop air handling unit with four new zoned high-efficient units.  Modified ductwork and installed new controls to accommodate the new air handling units.
  4. Replaced the original single pane aluminum window system with new triple pane, argon & krypton filled, Low-E glass, aluminum and wood clad window units with built-in blinds.
  5. Replaced incandescent lamps with compact florescent lighting.
  6. Installed occupancy sensors in offices and areas throughout the building.
  7. Implemented a trash recycling program.

President and CEO Frank Gurtz sent out a letter explaining our Go Green with Gurtz initiative.  You can download a PDF of the letter from this link.

Green Business Quarterly Magazine

Gurtz Electric Co. is dedicated to operating in the most environmentally-friendly “greenest” ways possible.  The November/December 2009 issue of Green Business Quarterly interviewed Gurtz Electric Co. in regards to our recent renovation of our corporate headquarters in Arlington Heights, Illinois, as well as covering details such as our desire to to improve our equipment commission LEED requirements on all our jobs.

Click on the cover of the Green Business Quarterly magazine to download an Adobe PDF of the full article.